Seattle Entrepreneur David Pierre-Louis Brings Startup Week to Haiti

Port-Au-Prince Startup Week

Haitian-American David Pierre­-Louis and Founder of Kay Tita is set to host the first ever Startup Week in Port-Au-Prince.

Port­Au­Prince Startup Week will begin on May 15 and end on the 22.

“Kay Tita is about educating the people of Haiti, and enabling them to use what’s immediately at their disposal to improve their lives. In order for them to escape poverty once and for all, they have to be able to take control of their own infrastructure and strengthen their own economy. That’s simple to do in America where resources and access to information are abundant, but it’s a huge hurdle for a country that’s still developing,” notes Pierre-­Louis.

Port-Au-Prince Startup Week is a 7 day celebration of the Haitian community that builds momentum and opportunity around entrepreneurship. Local entrepreneurs will be hosting over 35 events where attendees will be empowered in the following areas of Youth Involvement, Health, Education,Technology, Energy, Urban Design, Investment, Mentorship, Art, Community and Tourism.

For Port-au-­Prince Startup Week’s schedule, please click here.

About David Pierre-Louis

David Pierre-Louis is a leader in organization, social and economic development. As a magnate in business development, hospitality and entertainment, David is presently focusing his skills and leadership in cultivating community action and advocating for social change throughout the country of Haiti.

In 2008, David opened and operated LUCID Lounge, a premiere Seattle venue, that focused on engaging communities, uniting distinct divisions of art programs, and hosting an array of local and international musicians. David also found and operates DICUL, a spirits brand that offers premium bottled craft cocktails and mixes. In 2009 David founded the Seattle U-District Jazz Festival, an event that ran through 2012 and united over ten thousand people within the surrounding community. In 2010 he cofounded the Inside/Out Jazz Awards in order to honor local musicians. David is a board member of “On the Boards”, a contemporary dance, theatre and music organization.

Read more about David Pierre-Louis on his website or Kay Tita.